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LLY-06C Human Body Itch To Thorn Tester
Time:2016-06-01 09:48

The tester adopts CRE mechanism and controlled by microcomputer.Data can be processed automatically.Import IC and approach switch is choosen.It adopts the clock circuit and can display and print the time.Utilize way of compressing,to weave thing fiber end head itch to thorm that the human body cause sense quantize testing.

Technical parameter

1。Measurement range: 200cN

2。Test side diameter: φ25mm,φ36mm

3.Test side area: 80mm×80mm

4.Height of compression: 30mm

5。Range of rate: 2mm/min~60mm/min

6。Sample cross move: 10mm,8mm,5mm

Volume: 270mm×220mm×455mm N.W.:15kg

Packing dimension:


524mm×448mm×210mm(Controlling box)

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