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YG606LF Thermal Transimittance Of Textile Materials Tester
Time:2016-06-01 09:49

Summarization:Tester is subject to the tempetature of 35 with this instrument,insulating ability of the specimens of woven fabrics,knitted fabircs,pilled fabrics and other insulating materials can be tested。It includes three national patent。

Standards: GB/T11048,ASTM D1518,JIS L1096 etc.

Technical parameter

1.Temperature of heating plate: 20~50℃

2.Time-setting Range: 0~99.9min

3.Testing times: 1~9times

4.Min. scale mark: 0.01℃

5。Control precision: ±0。02℃

6.Capacity of heater: Tester plate:40W Protection plate:80W Base plate:120W

7.Power supply: AC 220V±10%,50Hz

Dimension of test plate:250mm×250mm

Dimension of test box:510mm×510mm×640mm

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