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LLY-56B Tester For Strength Of Clothes To Body
Time:2016-06-01 09:52

Used for testing the strength of clothes to body.Use the advanced computer control technology,the testing software is easy to operation,and have good operation contact surface,and adopting a sensor of high accuracy.Adopting SCM control,intellective,deposit the data into the database if connected with the computer.It is easy to operate,and has high reliability.

Technical parameter

1。Measure Range Of Sonser: 0。00 cN~200。00 cN,accuracy:0。02 Cn

2.Angle of sensor: 0°,15°,30°

3.Spherical pross: 120mm

4.Spherical diameter: φ252mm

5.Sample diameter: φ272mm

6.Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Volume: 690mm×480mm×1270mm


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