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YG821L Fabric Style Intrument
Time:2016-06-01 09:52

Used for testing various kinds index about fabric style.Controlled by computer fully,print test report.


Technical parameter

1.Bending performance index: Adjustable rate、flexible rigidity、rigidity index、

2.Frictional properties index: coefficient of static friction、coefficient of kinetic friction

3。Compressibility index: The thickness of the apparent 、 stability thickness、compression ratio、filling power

4。Bulging preperty index: residual rate of arching

5.Interlacing resistance index: interweave resistance

6.Smoothness index: flatness

7.Testing pressure range,Resolution ratio: 0~196cN,0.1cN

8.Testing pressure erro,Repeatability error,Stability error: ≤0.5%,≤0.25%,≤0.1 cN /min/0.5 cN/h

9.Dislocation index:Dislocation range,Resolution ratio: 0~100mm,0.01mm

10.Dislocation accuracy: 0~3mm±0.01mm,3~100mm±0.05mm

11。Dislocation error,Repeatability error: ±0。01mm,±0。05mm

12。Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Volume: 610mm×350mm×620mm


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