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BZGY908 Standard Ligth Source Box
Time:2016-06-01 10:00

It is suitable for the examination of color combinations,the evalua-tion of fastness in textile,printing,paper making and paint industry。

Standards:FZ/T01047,BS950,DIN6173,ASTM D1729 etc.

Technical parameter

1.Nature Daylight D65: color temperature:6500K

2.A standard illuminant: color temperature:2856K

3.Fluorescent light CWF: color temperature:4000K

4.Fluorescent light TL84: color temperature:4000K

5.Fluorescent light U30: color temperature:3000K

6.Workroom: 678mm×385mm×365mm 1295mm×725mm×825mm

7。Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Volume: 680mm×425mm×540mm


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