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SW Series Fastness To Washing Tester
Time:2016-06-01 10:00

The tester is an instrument for fabric as cotton,wool,liinen,slik chemical fiber knitting,etc to test the fastness to washing,to milling and to dry clean.Also it can be applied to examine the fastness of the colorant.So it is necessary apparatus for textile quality monitor dept.

Standards:ISO105-C05,GB/T3921,GB/T5711,JISL0844,JISL0860,AATCC132,AATCC61 etc.

Technical parameter

1.Capacity of stainless steel container: 550ml or 1200ml

2。Type: SW-6,SW-8,SW-12,SW-24,SW-10A,SW-16A

3。Rotate speed of axle and container: 40r/min

4.Power of motor: 180W

5.Power for drain pump: 30W

6.Power for workroom heating: 1500W×3

7。Power for warm-up room: 1000W×3

8.Setting time: 0.1min~999.9min

9.Power supply: AC 380V ±10% 50Hz

Volume: 1000mm×640mm×960mm


Packing dimension: 1130mm×840mm×1160mm


National standard 550ml experimental container assemble


American standard 1200ml & 550ml experimental container assemble


American standard 1200ml & 550ml experimental container assemble

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