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YG412BL Cotton Moisture Content Tester
Time:2016-06-02 15:45

This instrument is used to determine the mositure regain of raw cotton rapidly。

Standards:GB/T6102.2 etc.

Technical parameter

1.Saw ginned corron: top layed 7%~12%,middle layer4%~7%,bottom layer 9%~15%,cushion type Top roller cotton: top layer 6.8%~11.5%,middle layer 3.9%~6.8%,bottom layer 8.7%~14.4%

2.Error of moisture regain: ±0.1%

3.Measuring temperature range: -15~41℃

4.Error of measuring temperature: ±1℃

5.Operational environment: the relative humidity is no more than 85% between top layer and bottom layer and no more than 65% in the middle layer

6.Standard working pressure: 735±49N 7.Power supply: DC 9V



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