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LLY-53 Protective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact Tester
Time:2016-05-23 09:10

Used for testing pretective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact.Adopting a strength sensor of high accuracy and efficiency.It displayed by LED,and the test precedure,acquiring and processing of test data,printing of test reports is fully automatic.And it is easy to operate,and has high reliability.

Standards:BS EN1621-1,BS EN1621-2,GB/T24278.

Technical parameter

1.Impact mode: whereabouts oriented

2.Test range: 0~60000N

3.Pressure Sensor: piezoelectric

4。Frequency response range:5~1000Hz

5.Lifting equipment: electric upgrade,and upper and lower limit

6.Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

7.Power: 150W


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