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YG401L Flat Abrasion Tester
Time:2016-05-28 10:07

This kind of instrument is used to assess the rate of pilling.

Standards:GB/T21196.1~4,GB/T4802.2,FZ/T20020,ISO12945-2,ISO12947-1,KS K0604,ASTM D4966,ASTM D4970,JIS L1096,IWS TM196,IWS TM12 etc.

Technical parameter

1。Number of working position: 6 or 9

2.Sample nip dimension: φ38mm,φ90mm

3。Sample platform diameter: φ120mm

4.General weight of guide pole and clamper with diameter φ38mm: 198±2g

General weight of guide pole and clamper with diameter φ90mm: 415g

Poise: 395g,594g

5.Counting range: 1~990000

6。Testing speed: 47。5r。p。m,可选配25r。p。m/75r。p。m

7.Power Supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

8。Power: 180W

Volume: 850mm×630mm×427mm   N.W.:133kg

Packing dimension: 1200mm×820mm×570mm

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