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LLY-37 Packing Uncrushable Tester
Time:2016-05-21 15:18

This european standard specifies a method for accelerated wear and corrosion,to be used prior to the detection of nickel release from coated items that come into dirct and prolonged with the skin。

The items to be tested are exposed to a corrosive atmosphere before being placed into a tumbling barrel together with a wear medium of abrasive paste and granules.The barrel is rotated so as to subject the test pieces to wear from the wear medium.The items are then tested for neckel release in accordance with EN 1811.

Standards:EN 12472

Technical parameter

1.Speed of revolution set:20~60r/min

2。Sample gripping distance:200mm~400mm adjustable

3.MAX time:deasil rotate 17h 59min,anticlockwise 17h 59min



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