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LLY-06ED/AD/BD Eleceronid Single Fiber Strength Tester
Time:2016-06-02 16:18

The tester is a precision instrument that is used in measuring the stretch property of various natural fiber,chemical fiber,special fiber and metal-thinned thread.The instrument has many advantages:micro-computer contrlo,disposing data automatically,printing output,setting program conveniently and ease of use,it connect to PC and save data in a long time,which can benefit to network management.

Standards:GB/T9997、GB/T14337、GB/T138535.5、ISO5079、ISO11566、ASTM D3822、BS4029 etc.

Technical parameter

Measurement range 100cN、200cN或500cN
Accuracy ±0.2%
Guang 5mm~60mm任意设定  可定制2mm
Max elongation 90mm 150mm
Accuracy of strength length ≤0.05mm                      
The max speed 3~120mm/min        可定制200mm/min
Working pressure   0.4~0.8MPa
Power supply AC220V±10%  50Hz
Power 100W




Function1:Stretch test

Function2:Elasticity test at specified elongation with adjustable two stop time

Function3:Repeatedlly stretch test at specified elongation with adjustable two stop time

Function4:Elasticity test at specified load with adjustable two stop time

Function5:Repeatedly stretch test at specified load with adjus-table two stop time

Function6:Repeatedly stretch test at given loading rate with adjustable two stop time

Function7:Stress relaxation test Function8:Creep deformation test

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