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YG061Z Automatic Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester
Time:2016-06-02 16:21

The tester adopts the CRE mechanism and controlled by microc-omputer.The results can be not only printed but also displayed with LCD.It can be choose test speed automatically and track the 10s or 20s timing breakage.Also the speed can be set freely when carrying out the constant speed elongation test.Pneumatic clamp is no harmful to yarn.The setting for collect waste yarn can make the lab clean.It can be connected with microcomputer and store the data forever.

Standards:GB/T3916、ISO2062、GB/T14344、GB/T398、GB/T5324 etc.

Technical parameter

Type YG061Z-30 YG061Z-60 YG061ZRaw-silk
Measurement range 3000cN 6000cN Range of strength:0~999.9cN、0~6000cN
Guang 250mm、500mm
Pre-tension 1cN~100cN
Measure precision ±0.5%
Range of elongation(500mm Guang) Max80%
Drawing speed 50mm/min~5000mm/min
Testing times 1~400times
Interval print 2~60setting range
Yarn density(tex) 1~999.9setting range
Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Power 280W
Air compression(for choice) Operation pressure 0.4MPa~0.8MPa
Connect PC(for choice) It can add more Fuctions



Packing dimension:




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