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YG065HC Electronic Strength Tester
Time:2016-06-02 16:23

The tester is controlled by microcomputer with processing the data automatically setting and sends them to printer.There are some features of the tester measuring the strength electronically.Setting and manipulating easily,choosing speed automatically.Also the machanism has CRE mechianism.The tester is suitable for strength test of woven or non woven fabric,track the timing elongation,perform constant speed elongation and timing elongation testing as well as tearing,split,sonstant load,spedified elongation,abrasion testing etc.The entire test can be done with same machine.it connect to PC and save data in a long time,which can benefit to network management.

Standards:GB/T3923.1、GB/T3923.2、GB/T3917.2、GB/T3917.3、GB/T13772、FZ/T80007.1、ASTM D4964、ASTM D3787、ASTM D5034、D5035、ISO/DIS13937、ISO/DIS13934 etc.

Measuing range: 0~500。0N、0~2500N或0~5000N 

Guang: 25mm~500mm

Measure precision: ±0。5%

Range of elongation: The max elongation is700mm

Drawing speed: 2mm/min~1200mm/min

Testing times: 99 times

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

Power: 400W

Functions: timing stretching、constant speed stretching、constant elongation stretching、constant load stretching、tearing teseing、peeling off test、bursting test。



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