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YG137 Capacitance-type Yarn Evenness Tester
Time:2016-06-02 15:33

Used for testing the yarn,sliver and roving’s evenness the structure of evenness.its suitable to sliver and roving made of cotton wool,synthetic fiber,jute and blending.This kind of instrument uses the latest computer technology and high-speed digital signal process (DSP) technology,analyzing number of fault.Meanwhile,it displays the instantaneous uneven figure in the screen,and delivers spectrogram to judge the situation of apparatus or the trouble parts.it has the advanced technology,strong function and good steadily.The evenness testing system of yarn can be connected with any other capacitance-type testing instrument,considerably matching each other and the structure is simple,which change the paralytic evenness instrument of yarn into a entirely new apperance,becoming in a new,advanced and reliable evenness testing instrument of yarn,saving much money for textile enterprise.It can load expect analyse system,analyse Mechnical wave,Draft wave automatically and point the part happen question pollibly.


Technical parameter

1.CV testing range: 0.1%~99.99%

2.Segment length analysis: 1m,5m the two files

3。Spectrogram wavelength range: 1cm~1472m(80 frequency channels)

4。Number of faults: 12 kinds of threshold

Thin: -30%-40%-50%-60%

Thick: +35%+50%+70%+100%

Naps: +140%+200%+280%+400%

5.Test time: 10s~99.5min setting freely,if any but should longer than 10s

6.DR curve: It can give DR statistical spectrogram between reference length 10cm and 1m

7.Threshold: 50%,30%

8.Range of varitance coefficient. It can give varitance statistical Spectrogram between 0.2% and 99.99%

9。Mass distribution: -100%~100%

10.Test speed: 25,50,100,200,400m/min

11。Power supply: AC 220V±5% 50Hz

12。Power: 220W



Packing dimension:540mm×465mm×590mm(Mainframe)

700mm×685mm×380mm(Computer mainframe)


Type Article flocculant Article flocculant roving spun yarn spun yarn
slot number 1 2 3 4 5
g/m(ktex) 80~12.1 12.0~3.301 3.30~0.167
Grains/yd 1136~170.4 170.3~46.54 46.53~2.256
Nm 0.302 0.303~6.24 6.25~47.5 47.6~250
Nec 0.048 0.049~0.178 0.179~3.68 3.69~28.0 28.1~147.6
New 0.011~0.073 0.074~0.267 0.268~5.53 5.54~42.1 42.2~221
tex 3301 3300~160.1 160.1~21.1 21.0~4.0
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